“Having kids or simply getting older impacts on a woman’s body shape. A lot of times it leaves us loathing our bodies or even feeling insecure about our appearance.

Knowing that modifying our body through waist training is now a huge possibility without surgery.

Curvify is a passion not a profit-driven business with great attention paid to quality.

Our goal is to make more women fall in love with the woman in the mirror.


Easy wear full steel boned corsets that help achieve the perfect hourglass figure with consistency by tucking in extra flesh in the stomach and waist areas.
A 24 strong steel-boned corset with rigid steel plates, spiral steel bones, and strong busk bones that help enhance your curves, correct posture, as well as back pain, felt with consistency.
Designed to last longer than the regular latex waist trainers, modified with layers of breathable cotton to withstand pressure and avoid bending or breaking as it is being worn.
Crafted to create maximum comfort and relaxation while waist training with an open back to control tightening and progress at the same time.

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