How to get rid of back spillage/fat

It is no news that in your first days of waist training, we always have back spillage/fat after lacing up. Well, let’s cheer you up a little bit, there’s a way to get rid of this. The most effective way is to get a very good bra, a wideband compression bra does a complete job of concealing back fat.

  1. Try not to lace up too tight. When you have laced up too tight, the back spillage becomes highly pronounced and inevitable. Don’t forget, it’s a part of your body that will disappear with consistent lacing up in a proper manner.
  2. Lace up right before you put on your bra. lacing up before your put on your bra helps you cover the back spillage using your bra, thereby not making it very obvious that it exists behind. As musch as you will like to put on your bra before lacing up (if you are going to need help, also consider covering the back fat with the back straps.
  3. The most effective will be trying a sports bra, a sports bra holds you right, covering your entire upper back. This can serve both as an upper concealer when you are in your first days of seasoning as well as a back spillage concealer until you no longer need it.
  4. You can also buy the wide band compression bra from our store at affordable prices. Send a message to a representative to get sized and have the bra provided for you.

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Hello there, having kids or simply getting older impacts a woman’s body shape. A lot of times it leaves us loathing our bodies or even feeling insecure about our appearance especially when we try to rate our body by the internet standard.

This is part of the reason curvify me was born, Curvifyme is a passion not a profit-driven business with great attention paid to quality. Our aim is to make every woman fall in love with the lady in the mirror through our quality waist shaping or training product.

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