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Our slimming tea is made with 100% natural herbs which is an effective appetite suppressant and great at accelerating digestion and metabolism.


  • Cleans the system of fat and oils and destroys stubborn fat groups that block absorption.
  • Eliminates subcutaneous fat obstruction to optimize the lymph flow and normalize excessive sebum secretion.
  • Works with a variety of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to improve skin firmness and smoothness.
  • Relaxes the bowels and promotes healthy digestion.
  • Improves sleep and boosts the immune system



DIRECTION: Place one tea bag in a cup and the fill cup with freshly boiled water.

Keep the teabag in the cup for 10 to 15minutes and add a little honey to taste if desired and your tea is ready to drink.

One tea bag can be brewed repeatedly for 2/3 cups.

We recommend no more than 2 teabags per day.

For maximum benefit, do not eat after 7 pm or 4hrs before your sleep time.

We recommend that you do not increase your food intake during the period of consuming this tea and that you record your start off weight.

We cannot over-emphasize the importance of taking in enough water daily. We recommend no less than 8cups of water daily.

For best results, you are advised to incorporate 20minutes of brisk walking or indoor exercise daily.

MAIN INGREDIENTS: Tea, Xian Xian Cao, Cassia Seed, Pharmaceutical Rose, Jobstears, Lotus Leaf.


SUITABLE AGE: 18 years and above. DOSAGE: 1bag/day SPECIFICATION: 2g/bag*28bags SHELF LIFE: 2years

SUITABLE GROUP: Anyone looking to lose weight or start a healthy lifestyle.

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR: Pregnant or nursing mothers, patients with cardiovascular disease, or stroke patients.

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